Image and video hosting by TinyPicParis Williams the Founder Of Cult47/PW Collections.A Brooklyn Night, Representing East N.y Brooklyn. She has been the black sheep in her area since she was small, but she used that to her advantage. Her Pisces intuition helps guide her art. She went to Murrow High School and went to school with Musicians such as My very first friend in high school CAPITAL STEEZE, Phony ppl, Little mama, Pro Era , Joey Bada$$. Paris started venturing in the "Scene" in Soho. That is when Paris Williams Resurrected 2007 Soho The Retro Scene. Since then, Paris Williams has been dabbling in Modeling, Acting,Sewing, Pottery, Crochet, Knit, a Curator, A assistant Manger for a Black own Business  in the Heart of Brooklyn, Nicholas Brooklyn.

PW Collections is not only for clothing but Paris Williams Vision is employing others  in the future. She wants to expand and explore with other artist, and will hope to have her store front before the age of 30 years old. 

In addition, Paris gave birth to a beautiful baby girl name Lavender-Nicole. In the midsts of her being pregnant she really was interested into natural body care. We as a team collective decided to launch some soaps that would heal the body and as well get the job done. The base of these soaps are Bentonite clay which helped Paris years back with Eczema! She started to use bentonite clay and decided, why spend so much money on people soaps if we can come up with some soaps and add our twist to it.  We then decided to add another co-line to PW Collections called REDneval which is Lavender name spelled backwards for all the Bath and body !