• Image of vegan Lavender & oatmeal Bentonite clay soap 🌿pw blend🌿

Vegan Very good for detoxing the body! Exfoliating and very soft! All natural oils
They're made with Distilled Water, Saponified Olive, Coconut, & Grapeseed Oils. The lavender helps with anxiety, and as well help with detoxing the skin.It is base is all natural, it has grapeseed oil, coconut oil, and olive oil.This soap is great for dry skin, eczema, any dry patches or uneven skin. this soap not only detox the body, each ingredient in this soap has so many great health benefits to it. The bentonite clay alone pulls out all the dirt out of your pours. It pulls out all the metals out your body that you get on a daily. If your PH balance is off, this soaps as well helps with that due to the Bentonite clay alone.

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